Letting Go

Letting Go

Set yourself free in 2020. Don’t take the baggage of the old decade into the new one.

Get rid of limiting beliefs like “I could never do that,” or “I’m not smart enough for that.” Just start at the beginning and move toward being organized.

Too much stuff

Most of your belongings have sentimental value. Letting go can be difficult, but freeing at the same time. You might consider giving away or throwing out things like these:

  • a T-shirt from your family vacation,
  • a pretty stone you found on a hike with your best friend,
  • a gift from someone who has passed away.

Take photos of those items that have meaning to you before you let go of them. You’ll still have the photo and the objects themselves will not be sitting in a closet taking up valuable space.

Don’t let guilt stop you from letting go

Sometimes we don’t want to get rid of something that we paid a lot of money to get. It feels like a waste to give it away or trash it. You might feel compelled to keep it.

The truth is, once you buy something the money is gone. Making this thing waste space on top of the money you spent, is a double whammy.

My husband Howard sells things on eBay, if you feel like you have some things to sell. We can handle the sale for you. You won’t have to deal with the details.

Make a change for the future

Accept that you can’t control or change everything in your life. The past has already happened, nothing you can do about that. You can only change things about yourself and not others.

Are you hanging onto things for the family? Do you know what the kids or grandchildren want? It used to be that kids wanted hand me down heirlooms, furniture, China and other keepsakes. The younger generation is not into “things” the way we are. Ask them if they want things and maybe give some things away now so you can see them enjoy them.

Most kids today are more interested in hearing about how grandma and grandpa met than having their dresser. They like doing things together as a family. They want to make memories or hear about them rather than having a physical memento.

Moving into 2020, it’s time for letting go. Let go of your limiting beliefs. Let go of the clutter. Let go of the past. As always, if you need help, I’m here for you.

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