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Organizing goals for the new year

The year is winding down so it’s time to look ahead to 2022. Let’s face it, new year’s resolutions rarely work. Instead, let’s talk about organizing goals for the new year.

Look back at 2021

What did you do to get yourself more organized during the year? Did you achieve your goals this year? Take a look at what worked for you and what didn’t. Make adjustments for 2022.

Vision board

It’s an arts and crafts project, but vision boards are an excellent way to put your goals on paper. Create a vision board by cutting out photos and making a collage of your goals for the upcoming year. You can cut out photos, words or even draw or write on the board. Put the vision board in a place where you will see it every day. Believe it or not, you will have a much better chance of achieving your goals than someone without a vision board. 

When you have a rare bad day, make sure you spend some time looking at the goals you set for yourself. Take a deep breath and remember why achieving goals is important to your life.


Take a look at your spending for 2021. Did you make the best decisions with your money throughout the year? Were you able to add to savings? If so, keep going! If not, figure out ways to tighten your belt so you can save for a rainy day. 

Do you have a budget? Figure out if you stuck to the budget or went over by looking at your bank and credit card statements.

Visit your insurance agent and go over your policies. Are you properly insured? Over insured? Under insured? Your agent can help you figure it out.

Mental clutter

When you think about your organizing goals, you might not think about mental clutter. But fear and overwhelm can keep you from achieving those goals. Do a brain dump and write down everything on your mind before you go to bed each night. Let those worries go so you can sleep better, be fresh in the morning and tackle those items tomorrow.


Go through emails. Answer or delete them. Organize the files on your computer. Stay organized by keeping your computer desktop clean and clear of files. Put files in folders where they belong. Delete irrelevant files. Get rid of outdated or unused software.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Take small steps. You don’t have to clear out your entire house and start over. Do at least one organizing task each day, but it can be something small. Organize your sock drawer. Clean up your unanswered emails. As you take small steps every day, you will begin to see big changes as the weeks go by.


Don’t be so hard on yourself or try to be perfect. Look back at 2021 and consider how you can be more organized at your own level of comfort. Please contact me if you need help with your organizing goals for the new year.

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