DON’T! Some people feel that they have to straighten up or sort through paperwork before I come and that’s not necessary. It’s important that I see the source of your stress and aggravation so we can come up with a plan to conquer your organizational challenges.

I am very experienced in knowing where to start and how to maximize the time we spend together. You will be amazed at how quickly we turn chaos into order.

There are varying levels of ‘organized.’ I normally suggest that we schedule a session and then I can give you a better estimate of ‘how long’ after seeing the degree of disorganization/clutter that exists and learning how quickly you are able to make decisions. In some cases, we can whip through multiple rooms in the first session and in some cases, we may work in the same room for several sessions.

NOTHING! About 99% of the time, we discover items that are already in the home that can be used to organize your stuff. I always suggest that you wait to purchase anything until after our first session and again, most times it isn’t necessary to purchase anything.

“This was so much more fun than I imagined.”

“Why is it so easy to do this when you’re here?”

“My husband won’t believe that we got so much accomplished.”

“You helped us to get rid of more stuff in 2 hours than we’ve been able to do in 20 years.”

“The overwhelm has lifted – I just needed a push and some guidance to get started!”

Do you have a question that doesn’t appear on the list? Please call me at 410-484-8328 or email me at and I will be more than happy to personally answer your question.