mastering lists is important to getting organized

Mastering lists

Everyone makes lists. There are shopping lists, honey do lists for your spouse, to-do lists for the kids. Whatever type of lists you make – there is a method to the madness.

Defining tasks

Be sure to be specific when defining each item on the list. If it’s too vague you might not get the job done or confuse yourself as to what you are supposed to do.

Listing by importance

When making your list, put the most important things first. Make sure all of your goals are achievable and not too lofty. You want to guarantee you can do what you set out to do.

Make sublists to your lists

Take the most complicated jobs on your list and break them down in a sublist. Goals that are too complex can become so intimidating that you may not even attempt them. Breaking them into smaller parts makes them easier to accomplish and they don’t seem as daunting.

“Clean the kitchen” is a pretty big goal and not well defined. Clear the table, put dishes in the dishwasher, clean the counters, sweep the floor, those are sub tasks. While this is a simple example, it really does help.

Post it

Hang up the list where you can see it. Put it on the refrigerator, hang it on a bulletin board or take a picture of it and keep it on your phone. Make sure you are constantly reminded of what you need to do. If you forget or ignore it the job will never be accomplished.

“Love doing” list

Everything on your list doesn’t have to be a miserable chore. By adding some things you love to do, your list will become more palatable.

Another way to make your list more doable is to knock off a couple easy things right off the bat and then tackle harder or more time consuming tasks.

Cross off or make a “Did it” list

Cross off the jobs as you do them. You will have a feeling of accomplishment that naturally releases good chemicals in your body.

Bob Ruffalo, entrepreneur and keynote speaker says, “…completing tasks, achieving goals, and simply getting things done can give us a rush of dopamine. That’s why crossing items off of your to-do list feels so great.”

You can even create a “did it” list of your completed tasks. When you list everything, you will see how much you can really accomplish when you put your mind to it.

These things are all ways to motivate yourself to get things done. Whether you do the hardest thing first or the easiest, you are going through a list of tasks you need to complete and you will quickly discover that you are actually doing them.

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