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Tips and Tricks – January 2015

Quote of the Month
“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”
Amelia Earhart

Simple, but not easy. Read ahead to learn how you can get support to get things done.

A great big “WELCOME!” to all of our new subscribers this month. Thanks for joining us – it’s really great to have you with us.

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It’s not too late – join us for the rest of the month! Better late than never!!
January is G.O. Month, which stands for Get Organized. I thought it would be fun and helpful to email 1 easy ‘To Do’ each day for the month of January.  I would do it right along with you (familiar with the term ‘shoemaker’s children’)? If you would like to receive a daily ‘To Do’ from me in January, email me and I will add you to the list. I’m looking forward to getting a lot done with you!

Improving Your Accountability

Many of us have lengthy ‘to do’ lists and are disappointed when we don’t complete the things we feel are important. When all else fails, I ask for help. I recently joined an accountability group and it is making a significant impact on my productivity. Consider identifying a safe person to be your accountability buddy or, you can take advantage of a special opportunity starting February 1st that’s mentioned in the article below.

If you are striving to be more accountable, here are a few tips:

  1. State your goals but keep them simple, attainable and very defined. For example – if you want to get your office organized, an effective goal would be “Clear off my desk and figure out what I use the most and what can be stored elsewhere.” An ineffective goal would be “Organize my office.” See the difference? The effective goal has a start and finish and specific instructions. It is also realistic. The second version is way too broad, gives no step by step instruction and can set you up to fail.
  1. Schedule the day and time you will complete your goal. If you say that you will put away your holiday decorations this week but don’t reserve a day and time in your calendar, it’s not as likely to happen, especially if it’s a non-urgent task.
  1. Remember to acknowledge what you DO accomplish. This week, I did the majority of what I had planned to do, but I didn’t do EVERYTHING. I still gave myself credit for what I did accomplish because it was way more than I would have done without my accountability group’s support.

Try being accountable to someone this week and see how it feels.

Misery Loves Company?

I wouldn’t want you to think of organizing as a miserable activity, but the truth is, for some, it is. Getting started is difficult and following through to the end is virtually impossible for some people.

What would you think about joining a group of like-minded people in a safe virtual place where everyone could declare their weekly goals? The group will be there to cheer you on, motivate you when you stray and celebrate when you accomplish your goals. I will be regularly interacting with you virtually to answer your questions and support you in having an amazing month of growth and progress from the safety of your computer.

If you would like to find out more about this newly forming group, please Email me for details. Start date is February 1st so contact me now!


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Cindy Bernstein, Owner and Professional Organizer

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