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Tips and Tricks: March 2015

Quote of the Month

“The best way to find out what we really need is to get rid of what we don’t.”
Marie Kondo

Spend a few minutes each day or week identifying the items in your home or office you can live without. Don’t worry about what or where they’ll go – just make the decision that you don’t need them anymore.  (Ideally, you can trash, donate or recycle these unwanted items, but if it’s more complicated, at least take them out of the living space and store them together in a remote location. Once the excess is gone, the priority items will reveal themselves.

A great big “WELCOME!” to all of our new subscribers this month. Thanks for joining us – it’s really great to have you with us.

Tackle Email Overwhelm
I discovered Sanebox recently and it truly is the answer to an insane volume of emails. I encourage you to try a free trial. Check it out at the link below:

HOT SPOTS – Identify and Attack!

What is a hot spot?

A hot spot is the place where things automatically accumulate in your home or office. Favorite hot spots in my home are the kitchen counter, the top of my filing cabinet and the dresser in my bedroom. (notice that I’m not including pictures of any of those places!)

What makes a perfect hot spot?

Easy to see
Easy to access

Why do hot spots cause us stress?

They accumulate quickly and are really noticeable because they’re in a popular location for all to see.

How do we eliminate hot spots?

1. Accept that you have hot spots in one or more places in your home.
2. Schedule a time (it can be daily or at least weekly) and take ‘next step’ actions on each item in the hot spot. Family members can be included in this activity.
3. Consider using the P.A.C. (Paper Action Center). Click here for more information and if you have questions, please email me. This is a great way to handle paper clutter in the kitchen or office.
4. If you are having trouble finding places for the items that land in your hot spots, take the bold step of getting rid of unnecessary stuff to make room for the necessary.
5. If your home or office is one big hot spot, let’s talk!

Green Tip of the Month:
Charge your Cell Phone in the Car
car charger
Many people charge their phones in their homes via the electric outlet. This uses energy. While the amount of energy it uses is small, consider charging your phone while driving. Your car is ‘on’ anyway so you are not using any additional energy.

But warning – never leave your phone in a hot car.

This tip is brought to you by my environmentally concerned husband.

Got Paint?

If you live in Baltimore County, consider coming to the SPRING 2015 Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event on Sunday, April 12, 2015 from 9 am – 1 pm at the Cockeysville Waste Collection Site on Warren Road. Click here for more information.

“Helping Baby Boomers and their Parents Lighten their Loads.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home, contact me. Together, we can transform your home into a happy, tidy place where you can feel at peace. We can also get you ready for your next move more enjoyably, faster and easier!
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Cindy Bernstein, Owner and Professional Organizer

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