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Tips & Tricks: January 2016

“Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For.” 
Author Unknown

get organized in 2016Of all the things looming on your “To Do” list, what one thing will your future self thank you for? How much of your To Do list is “should do’s” rather than “have to’s?” Don’t cause greater stress on yourself. Just do one thing that will make your future self feel better. You can always pick something else tomorrow.

Organize 4 Healthy Eating in 2016
New Group Forming to Gain Healthy Eating Habits
eating healthy is importantEating healthy on a consistent basis is no easy feat. Having struggled with weight for most of my life, my habits changed for the better in 2001. Most of you don’t know my history of being overweight and the embarrassingly long list of failed attempts. For the last 14.5 years, I have chosen to eat healthfully and maintain a healthy body weight (with a huge support network, I might add).
It feels like the time is right to combine my organizational expertise with my weight loss/healthy eating practices so my ‘tribe’ can learn how to experience success in being consistent with healthy eating practices. Whether you want to do this for yourself or your family, consider signing up for this 4 week class. The cost is a modest $47 per person and the program will consist of emails and a weekly call where we’ll cover the following topics:
  • Best kitchen products to own for easy food prep
  • Clearing the clutter of non-essentials in the kitchen
  • Bulk cooking ideas for weekly food preparation
  • Creating daily and weekly food plans
  • Resources to help you stay the course
  • Shopping tips
  • And other topics, as needed!
If you are interested in learning more, please email me. The group will begin in mid-January, which will give you time to get ready for change! A survey will be sent to interested people to determine the most convenient time to have our weekly calls. I hope you’ll consider joining.
Please note: our focus will be on the organizational side of healthy eating.

Where to Take Your Stuff
Aim 4 Order’s Favorite Places & Resources
where can you donate booksA lot of people want to give their things away but get delayed finding the “perfect” place to take them. We all want to find the right recipient…one who will really appreciate our item(s) and make good use of it. No one likes the idea of “dumping it” at any old place. It seems like the more money we spent on an item, the more attached we are to not wanting to have the money ‘wasted.’ As I regularly point out, the money has already been spent. The crime now is having an unused item take up valuable space in your home. That item is now robbing you of peace. So, now that another year has passed, let’s take action and move the unused, unloved stuff OUT.
Here is a partial list of my favorite places….a lot of the time it depends what you have, but of course my favorites are often the ones that accept a wide range of donations and are friendly and appreciative of what you’re donating.
  • Fluorescent Lightbulbs – Home Depot has a drop off box right by the entrance
  • Electronics – Best Buy lets you drop off 3 items at a time near the customer service desk (tvs, microwaves, computers, etc).
  • Shredding – Staples and Office Depot charge $1 a pound – just bring it in and they’ll add it to their locked shredding containers. Community shred events are the best but you won’t find too many during the winter months.
  • Clothes, household items, just about anything – Savers
  • Men’s and women’s clothes – Hadassah
  • Computers, printers – Local Dumps usually have electronic recycling
  • School supplies – Teacher Swap – can be dropped off at Ruth’s Closet
  • Blankets, Towels – Humane Society, SPCA
  • Books – The Book Thing (but please don’t bring any home with you!)
Remember – your time is precious – consider if it’s worth going to multiple places or just taking everything to one place.

We now offer eBay servicesGot Stuff to Sell?
Let us Ebay your Items.
We can sell your unwanted valuables for you. The following items have recently found new homes and the former owners have cash in their pockets:
  • Accordion
  • Silver
  • Coins
  • Designer purses
  • Designer shoes
  • Camera equipment
Email for more information or call 410-484-8328.

 “Helping Baby Boomers and their Parents Lighten their Loads.”

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in your home, contact me. Together, we can transform your home into a happy, tidy place where you can feel at peace. We can also get you ready for your next move….more enjoyable, faster and easier!
Cindy Bernstein, Owner and Professional Organizer
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