ready for the new school year

Organizing for the new school year

School time is here. Getting the kids squared away is a challenge even for the most organized person. Here are some tips to help.

Drop Zone

Create a backpack drop zone so you know exactly where everyone’s backpack is after school. No more searching for the backpack when you are running late in the morning. Parents can find them easily to check on what’s inside.

Everything in one place

A master schedule will help you coordinate carpools, art lessons, sports practices, music lessons, tutors and anything else your kids are doing before and after school. There is a lot to process, especially if you have more than one child.

There is not one correct way to set up the master schedule. It can be on a white board, in a binder or even a shared calendar set up in Google. Arrange the schedule in a way that works best for your family.

Keep permission slips, doctor’s notes and other things that need to be turned in at school in one place. Papers get dropped off here and picked up after being signed.

In this same area, make a communication spot. Keep sticky notes, a white board or chalkboard to leave notes to other family members. Chalkboard paint is a great way to turn something into a blackboard like the side of a cabinet or part of a wall.  

The kids learn to always look in that spot for notes and you do too. Children can let you know if they are going to a friend’s house after school and what time they’ll be back or you can tell them where their after school snacks are.

Study time

Set up a study area if the kids don’t have a spot in their rooms. A place in the dining room or a corner in the den with a table and computer where the children can do their studying will work. Try your best to keep cell phones and gaming systems away from the study area.

Good luck and please contact me if you need help organizing for your kids or yourself.

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