new school year is almost here

The new school year is right around the corner

It’s only 4-6 weeks before kids are back in session for the new school year. While we’re still in the throes of summer, it’s not too early to start planning for the kids going back to school or heading off to college. How can this process go more smoothly?


The smaller the child, the faster they grow. Going through their clothes is a necessary evil that cannot be avoided. You may need your child to be on hand to try on clothes and see what fits. Older kids can do this on their own or with little supervision.

Schedules change

When school starts, everyone’s schedule changes. There are after school programs and sports to take into consideration. Keep a binder with a calendar in a central location where everything is listed including all doctor and dental appointments. Add a pocket where kids can leave papers that need to be signed and returned to school.

Backpack drop zone

Figure out a spot for the backpacks when kids come home from school. Children can keep the habit going when they start putting their backpacks in a designated place on day one.

Homework space

Kids need a place to do their homework. If they have a desk in their room, that’s great, but not always possible. The kitchen table can be a good workspace if there are no distractions. 
Like the drop zone, have your kids get into the habit of doing homework in the same spot every night. Leave the electronics and other distractions somewhere else. Make sure there is adequate lighting for reading and writing.

New school year supplies

Check out last year’s school supplies and then find out what you need for the coming year. Can you pass down some or reuse them? Schools post lists online of everything your child will need so you can be prepared on day one.


Checklists can be helpful when the kids need a reminder to bring things to school. They can be used to make sure the children remember sports equipment, class assignments, permission slips or doctor’s appointments.

Time management

Set times for doing homework, tutoring, eating dinner, etc. Don’t forget that kids also need a little down time. However, put a limit on screen time
School can be stressful for kids. Being prepared for the new school year will ease a little of that anxiety for the whole family.
Need help getting your children organized for the new school year? Contact me to set up a time to get together. 
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