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12 Tips to Organize the Bedroom

The bedroom is your oasis, a place to go to get away from it all. However, in many cases, it becomes a cluttered room that does the opposite of what you want. Here are 12 tips to organize the bedroom.

Start with decluttering

As always, decluttering is the first step. Make sure everything in your bedroom has a home. Put clothes, shoes and cosmetics away. Don’t leave things laying around.

Always make your bed

Every day, make your bed when you get out of it. It’s a good habit to start. An unmade bed always makes the room look messier, even if it’s not too cluttered.


Dressers, desks and nightstands can accumulate clutter. They often become a dumping spot for small items like jewelry, pens, newspapers and other things. Having something that belongs on the surface may discourage you from dumping things there. Put some kind of decoration on top of the dresser like a doily with a plant or lamp on it.

Furniture with storage

When you get a nightstand, make sure it has a drawer or two where you can put your glasses, pen and paper, sleep mask or other items you would like to have handy. A foot locker at the foot of the bed can store extra blankets and pillows. The more storage you have available, the less clutter will accumulate.

Charging station

Inside of the nightstand or on it, can be a charging station for your cell phone and other electronics. Make sure the cables are not jumbled up in a ball, but are organized and out of sight as much as possible.

Shelves or hooks for storage

Putting shelving or hooks inside the closet will help reduce clutter. A set of hooks can be outside of the closet if there is no space inside. Shelves get things off the surfaces because accessories can be stored on them.

Closet system

You can create a closet system by adding a second, lower rod to hang shorter items like skirts, shirts, etc. Add a small bin and/or rolling cart for extra storage. Items that can be folded, like sweaters, or other accessories can be stored there. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a fancy closet system to get more storage that suits your needs.


Have a hamper in the closet if there is space, or somewhere in the bedroom if there isn’t enough room in the closet. Make sure clothing goes in the hamper and not on the floor or on a surface. This will help your bedroom be more organized and will also make things easier when it’s time to do laundry.

Closet floors

Closet floors can easily become a dumping ground. If you keep your shoes in a shoe holder or on shelves, the floor will be clear and less likely to accumulate clutter.

Drawer dividers

Drawer dividers will help you keep drawers more organized just by being there. No more stuffing clean clothes in a drawer, you will need to put it in between the proper dividers. They help separate different small items so they are easy to find when you want them.

Trash receptacle 

Keeping a little trash bin somewhere in your bedroom is a good idea. This will keep trash from accumulating on the surfaces. And don’t forget to empty it regularly.

Donation bin

Keep a donation bin, in your bedroom. Or put it in the spare room, if you have one. When you put on clothes and realize they no longer fit or you just don’t like the style, you can simply toss them into the bin. And the next time you want to make a donation, it will be easy.


Organizing your bedroom might seem like a daunting task. However, once the job is done, it won’t take a lot of work to keep it that way. Be sure to stay on top of it weekly to keep things under control. If you realize you need help with one room or your whole home, contact me.

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