Good habits will bring you closer to being organized

13 habits of organized people

According to Appetite for Health “Popular self-help gurus claim that it will take 21 days to form a new healthy habit – or break a bad one.”

People who are organized in their lives and homes develop healthy habits to get and stay ahead of their clutter. Here are some things they do.

  1. They make lists
    Writing things down and crossing them off as you do them makes you feel like you accomplished something.
  2. They develop daily routines and plan ahead
    When you do things regularly, like clean up dishes after you eat, you start doing it automatically without even thinking about it.
  3. They create a nighttime routine
    Going to sleep at the same time every night helps create your bedtime routine.
  4. They purge clutter regularly
    Don’t let things accumulate. Recycle junk mail as you receive it. Hang up clothes immediately after taking them out of the dryer. These too will become second nature after a while.
  5. They wake up a little earlier
    By getting up a few minutes earlier, you have more time to get some things done in the morning before work or school.
  6. They do chores in batches
    Pick up a prescription and get gas on the way to the grocery store. You’ve done three things at once!
  7. They grocery shop with a list once a week
    Plan out meals as you make your grocery list. Stick to your list and don’t buy impulse items.
  8. They have a place for all of their belongings
    Make sure everything you own has a place to be put away.
  9. They face their fears
    Don’t be afraid to tackle the tough jobs. The longer they sit, the worse it gets.
  10. They know where their money goes
    Know how much you spend on groceries, gas and other monthly expenses so you have a handle on your monthly budget. Pay your bills on time.
  11. They do laundry more than once a week (some people do it daily)
    Don’t let laundry pile up until it becomes a huge, day-long chore.
  12. They understand what triggers disorganization
    When you see dishes sitting in the sink, stacks of mail or Amazon packages arriving too often, you know you need to take a step back and think about what is happening.
  13. They know when it’s too much and they need to ask for help
    Know that I am always here to help if you need it.

Try to do at least some of these things and start to reduce clutter in your home.

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