Troublesome Kitchen Clutter

Answers for the Most Troublesome Kitchen Clutter Zones

Everyone spends a lot of time in the kitchen. And a lot of things happen there. In your kitchen, you cook, eat and clean multiple times a day. It follows that the kitchen can become a major source of clutter. Let’s take a look at the most troublesome kitchen clutter zones and find out how to make them clutter free.


Problem: No matter how many times you clean the counters, they seem to become a drop zone for all types of clutter. Small appliances, paper piles, food and cooking utensils can end up on the counters.

Solution: Countertops are not storage areas. If it’s a toaster or coffee maker you use daily, it can stay on the counter. But this is not the place for stacks of mail or the blender you use every now and then. Make sure every appliance has a place where you can put it away after you use it.

Refrigerator (inside and outside)

Problem: Can’t find the jar of pickles or that Parmesan cheese. There is a ton of stuff on top of the refrigerator. You have so many magnets, school papers and photos on the refrigerator that things fall off when you open it.

Solution: Organize everything in the refrigerator. Put all condiments together, fruits together, meat together, etc. Refrigerator shelves are adjustable. You can rearrange them to suit the food you buy.

Find homes for whatever is being stored on top of the refrigerator, or at least organize what is there. Purge some magnets and other items from the outside of the refrigerator. If it’s contact info for your plumber or handyman, take a photo of the magnet with your phone and store the info there.


Problem: Hard to find spices when you need to use them. You can end up with multiples of the same spice.

Solution: Organize them in any way that makes sense to you. Alphabetize them, or organize by size of the bottle. You will get used to however you set it up, as long as you keep it going. When you buy new spices or use the ones you have, put them away in the proper place.

Utensil Drawer

Problem: Can’t find the bread knife or ice cream scoop.

Solution: Organize the drawer and purge items that are multiples like bottle openers or spatulas. Keep purging until you can easily see everything in the drawer. Drawer dividers can help. 

Junk Drawer

Problem: Can’t find the flashlight. Don’t know where the screwdriver is.

Solution: Remove everything and organize it. Drawer dividers can help here too. Many things that are in the drawer probably belong somewhere else. Store things where they logically belong. You don’t need 50 rubber bands or twist ties. Eliminate some of them.

Plastic Containers

Problem: Too many containers! Carry out food containers, Gladware and plastic cups with logos on them can become overwhelming. 

Solution: First, get rid of everything that doesn’t have a lid. If they are misshapen from too many trips in the microwave or stained from spaghetti sauce, they need to go. Just keep the containers that look nice and have lids. Get rid of any plastic cups you don’t use.


When you organize your kitchen, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You need to be comfortable in your home and to be able to work in the kitchen daily. If you feel like these troublesome kitchen clutter zones are overwhelming, contact me. I’m happy to discuss next steps with you. 

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