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This spring certainly has been different from springs in the past, and the accumulation of clutter may be more overwhelming than usual. While spending so much time at home this spring, we’ve all had time to build paper piles, clog up the closets and stuff things in the cabinets. It’s time to get organized now.

Clutter is a major cause of stress in our lives. Too much clutter can make it difficult to cope with the time spent at home during the quarantine.

As you go room to room to organize your belongings, you have the opportunity to take inventory of what you have as you go. While very few non-profits are accepting donations right now, that is sure to change in the coming weeks.

So what happens to the clutter? You can toss some of it. If items are not useful to you or anyone else, it’s probably best to get rid of it. Broken items, torn or stained clothing and expired items can go right in the trash.

If you have things of value you don’t need any more, you can sell them online. My husband Howard sells things on eBay and can help. Facebook Marketplace is another avenue you can try to get organized.

Some things might be useful to someone else, but you may not want to sell them or wait to donate them. You can put a notice on Nextdoor or Freecycle and via email, you can attract the attention of someone who will find it useful. Things like desks, file cabinets, dressers or other objects that are difficult to transport might find a home this way.

Once you have identified the lucky new owner, you can have your item outside ready for pick up and they can go on their way without you having any contact with them. In some neighborhoods, people have success placing an item outside with a “Free” sign. Keep in mind that this may not be permitted in your area.

When you have decluttered as much as possible, you will find that it takes a lot less time to find things you need. You will have more open space to see what is inside your closet, dresser, junk drawer and kitchen cabinets.

Start small, but finish what you start so you don’t leave a mess behind to finish tomorrow. Consider spending 15 minutes a day decluttering which is enough time to make a dent and will motivate you to return the next day to do more. Each member of your family can get organized spending 15 minutes on their own stuff… Oh, the fun you will have!

If you need help getting started I’m available for virtual consultations. Contact me to set up a time when we can do some organizing and get your home ready for summer.

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