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When I think about organizing my home, I like to take a step back and look at it from an outsider’s point of view. Think about a real estate agent coming over to tell you how you need to reduce the clutter in order to show your home. You be the real estate agent and look around your own home.

Make a list of things that you see that need work. Write it down so you have that list and don’t forget anything.

Do shelves seem like they have too much on them? 

Too many photos, nicknacks, books or other items can make your home look cluttered just because there is so much there. Think about what you can part with and what gives you joy. Are some things dust collectors that serve no purpose?

Do closets look like they are stuffed too full? 

Most of us have this problem where we keep clothing long after it’s needed. If it is difficult to get something out of the closet or even look through the closet to find what you need, it’s time to purge some things.

Do you have holiday decorations from a holiday that is long over?

Holiday decorations are great fun, but when they overstay their welcome they just become clutter. Pack them up for next year. While you are packing, get rid of old pieces that no longer have their original luster.

Are there things laying around that have no home because there is not space to put them away?

Make room for them by purging some older things or purge the thing that has no home. You can donate, give away or trash them as long as something goes.

Do you have more furniture than comfortably fits in a room?

You will feel more relaxed and less stressed if your rooms are not overstuffed with furniture. By donating furniture that is rarely used or doesn’t fit, you will be doing a good deed for someone else and giving yourself the gift of space.

After you do a walk through of your home looking through a realtor’s eyes, think about what you can do to get your home into shape. The clutter didn’t happen overnight and you’re not expected to declutter everything at once. 

Make a plan for organizing. Get your list and do one item at a time. Cross things off as you complete the organizing tasks. It feels great to cross things off a to do list! 

If this sounds overwhelming to you, contact me and we can talk about how to reduce clutter and get your home in tip top shape. 

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