Memorial weekend organizing for your home

Memorial Weekend Organizing

The unofficial start of summer is Memorial Day Weekend. That’s when people start grilling outside, heading to the beach and sending the kids to camp. It’s a long weekend with plenty of time to squeeze in a few organizing tasks.


In the entryway closet, put the heavy coats and sweaters toward the back or sides of the closet and move the light jackets, hoodies and sweaters to the forefront. Winter gear like boots, gloves and mittens can be moved as well. If you don’t have storage to move them to a different location, then just put them to the back of the closet and keep the rain gear and baseball caps toward the front.

The same idea works with your bedroom closets. Put the less-used winter items out of the way. And place the summer clothes front and center.


The elastic in bathing suits can be dry rotted after a long winter. Check out your bathing suits for size and to see if it they are still in good shape. Chlorine from swimming pools can also cause your swimwear to fade.

Sports Equipment

Time to put away the snow skis and ice hockey gear. If you keep these in a shed or garage, put the equipment where it will stay dry for the summer. Bring out the frisbees, bikes, golf clubs and tennis racquets. Sweat bands, helmets and other gear can be cleaned and checked for wear and tear before you use it.

Skin care

It’s time to use sunscreen and it doesn’t last forever. Go through your collection of sunscreen tubes and sprays. Get rid of anything that is expired.


It’s already lawn mowing season, but is your shed summer ready? The snowblower and shovels can go to the back while you put the lawn, shrubbery and gardening tools in the front. Have your hedge clippers, edgers and pruners ready to go. You may need to have blades sharpened or other maintenance done on your equipment.

How is your grill looking? It can probably use a good cleaning to start the grilling season. Make sure it is in good working order. Check the propane tank to see if you need a refill.

Clean off the lawn furniture. Make sure it is in good shape for your family’s use.


Basements tend to accumulate junk and can always use an overhaul. You can probably find some things to donate or toss down there. If not, just organize things so you can find what you need.

Make sure the laundry area is clean. Wipe down the washer and dryer. Empty the wastebasket where you put the dryer lint. Take inventory of supplies.

Home Office

Your taxes were done a while back. Did you box up or file away your receipts from last year? 

End the week with a clean desk. You can do this every week, but it is especially important on a long weekend. You don’t want to come back on Tuesday with a messy desk. Only keep the things you use daily on top of your desk.

Memorial Weekend Organizing

I’m sure you can all find lots of things that could be a part of Memorial Weekend organizing. If you are feeling like the job is more than you can handle, contact me. We can figure out how to get your home organized and ready for summer.

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