It's time to organize your jeans

Organizing jeans

We all have too many pairs of jeans, but it’s because they’re a staple in our wardrobes. At least once a year though, it’s time to take a look at your jeans and purge some of them.

Start by evaluating your jeans. Look at the style, fit, length and condition. Then make a quick decision whether to keep them or not.

Take all of your jeans out of your dresser or closet and start evaluating them. Try on all of your denim and see what fits. 

Do your jeans fit?

Bodies change for better or for worse and your favorite jeans might not fit any more. Maybe you used to wear heels and now you don’t and the Levi’s are too long. It’s not always weight gain or loss that makes your denim fit differently.


While tears and ripped knees can be a fashion statement, there comes a time when too many rips and tears make your jeans no longer practical. If they can be repaired, take them to have them fixed or do it yourself. If you are not going to do it today, they need to go.


While jeans are always in style, certain fits like boot cut, flared, skinny jeans, high waist styles come and go. If your Sergio Valente’s from 1985 still fit, that’s great! But you might not want to wear them. If not, it’s time to say goodbye. You can take a selfie wearing them for posterity.

Once you finish your evaluation, it’s time to purge. Fill a box or bag with the denims you want to donate or give away and find a place to take them. The Vietnam Veterans of America and some other charities will come get them. With VVA, simply pick a date from their calendar by entering your address to see when they will have a truck in your neighborhood.

After you get rid of the purged denim, it’s time to put everything away. You can organize jeans by color, style or whatever way makes sense to you. If you’re unsure of the best way to fold them, visit Mama’s Laundry Talk for the perfect folding instructions.

Feel like you have too much clothing to tackle on your own? Contact me and I can help.

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