You don't have to have a reason to start organizing

Organizing with a purpose 

Sometimes you need motivation to get going and start organizing with a purpose. When you know you have company coming, a holiday dinner party or family visiting for a special occasion you have that motivation. You also have a deadline, which can be a big help in getting you moving.

These happiness-producing events give you a positive reason to get organized. Wanting to tidy up around the house brings you joy and suddenly it’s not such a tough job because you have a goal in mind. There is a prize at the end.

If you could just convince yourself to get organized all of the time, that would be great. But the urgency and motivation aren’t always there.

Creating goals when you don’t have an event on the horizon can help you get that same feeling. It can get you in the mood for organizing, cleaning and straightening up your home.

Even though we haven’t had much of a winter, spring has not yet arrived. Make a goal to start organizing before spring begins. This could be a way to put a deadline in place even when there really isn’t one. 

Many of us procrastinate when we have a deadline, but get the job done just in the nick of time. If you use the beginning of spring as your finish line, you have a few weeks to do the work. The deadline you give yourself really doesn’t matter to anyone except you.

Start with the trouble spots in your home. Even homes that seem tidy to the untrained eye have problem areas where clothing, mail, dirty dishes or other items tend to accumulate. I’m sure you can easily identify those spots in your own home.

Make a list to give yourself a plan of attack. Start with small areas and keep moving ahead. You don’t have to spend days at a time on this. Do a little area now and then another tomorrow and another the day after that. Before you know it, you will see real change in the amount of clutter.

Common trouble areas are:

  • Drop off zone where the entire family dumps things when they come through the door
  • Junk drawer where you might find just about anything
  • Piles of paper, mail, magazines, etc.
  • Cluttered countertops
  • Dishes in the kitchen that are stacked in the sink or a dishwasher that needs emptying
  • Laundry area that might have a pile of clothing

As always, if you need help, I’m available. Contact me to set up a time to get started organizing with a purpose in your home.

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