Organizing your spices

Organizing your spices

The holiday baking season can be a whirlwind of activity. When buying spices for baking cookies or other delicious treats, you can find yourself buying duplicates. If you didn’t make a list, once you are in the store you might not be able to remember if you have that spice or not.

This doesn’t just happen during the holidays. It can happen at any time. Going through your spices periodically to get rid of old ones and duplicates will help you make the most of your space.

First take out all of your spices and clean the area where you keep them. Look through your spices. You can probably tell which containers are really old. The spices themselves will fade in color and potency as time passes. If your paprika is nice and bright, it’s probably new.

Do you have multiples of a spice? Ditch the older container and keep the newer one. The side or bottom of the container may have a “best used by” date. You can use the spice for a while after the noted date, but it might not have as much flavor as it did when it was new. If it has an expiration date, throw the spice away if it is expired.

Organize the bottles and cans alphabetically or put the most often used spices in front. Another method is to put the taller containers in the back and smaller ones in the front so you can see everything more easily. There is no perfect way to organize spices. Consider what works best for you.

A lazy Susan makes a nice spice rack. You can turn it to find what you need. There are spice racks that have different levels so you can see everything easier. Or you can simply put them in your cabinet in an organized way.

However you organize them, the spices should all be in the same location so they are easy to find. Face all of the labels out so you can see what you have.

Once you have your spices organized, you’ll be ready to get back to cooking. If you need help organizing your spices or any other part of your home, contact me to set up an appointment.

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