apps to help you get organized

7 apps to help you get organized

Apps to Help

As our lives get busier and busier, we look for help in all sorts of ways to do everything that needs to be done each day. That can be difficult. We have our phones with us all of the time. Why not use apps to help us accomplish our goals?

Tody ($6.99)

Tody is a helpful app that keeps all of your household cleaning chores organized. It figures out when and what to clean because everything doesn’t need to be cleaned on a weekly basis. Some things need cleaning more often and some less. The app offers motivation to keep you on track. 

Home Routines ($4.99)

This clever app creates checklists. You will get reminder notifications to help you complete your routines. Get a gold star when you finish a job! Routines automatically reset themselves to keep things moving smoothly. Your routines can be weekly, monthly or choose the number of days between tasks.

BillMinder ($4.99)

This is a wonderful app that helps you keep track of when bills are due. The app is customizable so your bills can be sorted by category or paid status. Sync data throughout your devices.

Chorma (free)

If you have a roommate or adult kids who live at home, this app might be ideal for your situation. Similar, but less complicated than Home Routines, you get points for completing tasks. Assign tasks to different members of the household and everyone shares the workload.

TaskRabbit (free)

TaskRabbit helps you find people to do handyman jobs around the house like assembling furniture, cleaning, helping you move and more. Of course, you have to pay the people to do the jobs, but the prices are shown up front. Pay securely through the app.

Google Tasks: Get Things Done (free)

Google Tasks helps you manage tasks from anywhere and includes to-do lists. It integrates with your gmail account and Google calendar to ensure you have everything you need at your fingertips. Set up reminders and prioritize your lists. The app even helps you break large jobs into smaller pieces so the work doesn’t seem as daunting.

TickTick: Things & Tasks To Do (free)

Share shopping and to-do lists with family members or collaborate on tasks with them. Create checklists, prioritize tasks and stay on top of things with reminders. Get a Pro account for $2.99/mo. and get more features like connecting to Siri, adding extra reminders for tasks and sharing lists with up to 19 people.

Not a smart phone person? I can help you get organized with analog methods like creating to-do lists by hand, paper systems and a family calendar. Contact me if you need help.

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