Being organized can save you time and money

Being organized can save you time and money

You probably know that being organized can save you time. But, did you know that it can also save you money?

Organized people don’t buy things they already own. They don’t spend time looking for belongings because they know where everything is at all times. Buying duplicates is common when the things you need are buried in a closet or otherwise lost in your home.

Eat the food you have and don’t waste it. When your freezer and refrigerator are organized, you can see what is available and plan meals accordingly.

If you don’t have time to read magazines, don’t renew them any more. Even if you love the subject matter, it’s a waste if you don’t get a chance to read them. A lot of magazines are available digitally through the Baltimore County Public Library as well as others. Also, some are available on Amazon Prime Reading, if you are a Prime member.

In addition, digital books and audio books are available on the library and Amazon apps as well. No more physical books that you read once only to become clutter when you are finished with them. You can even listen to your audio books while organizing! 

Meal planning can save money. Try going grocery shopping only once a week. Avoid daily trips to buy just a few things. When you go more often, you are more likely to impulse shop. Remove the temptation by limiting trips to the store.

Almost all grocery stores have “frequent flyer” cards or apps that offer digital discounts and coupons. Make use of these. You can look at the ads ahead of time when you are meal planning and see what is on sale or in season.

Avoid late fees and fines by paying monthly bills on time. Open mail when you get it. When you receive a bill, mark your calendar with the due date. You can use a paper or digital calendar. Check each day to see if there is a bill due. It may seem like a chore, but it’s an easy habit to start and only takes a minute. When you see a bill is due that day, pay it right away and be done with it. No more late fees!

Another option is to set up auto payments so your bill is paid each month without you even having to think about it. Many businesses like cable, credit card, mortgage and phone companies have an auto payment option when you pay online. You also may be able to set up auto payments through your bank’s website or app.

In conclusion, don’t let your clutter cost you. Being organized can save you time. Get more things done because you have more free time. Save money by not spending as much. Need help getting organized? Contact me and we’ll talk about how you can get started.

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