Finally – the Aim 4 Order Paper Action Center (P.A.C.) – the answer to all your paper piles!

  • Stressed by countertop paper clutter?
  • Aggravated by missed deadlines?
  • Frustrated by late fees?
  • Embarrassed by missed special events?

The Aim 4 Order P.A.C. (Paper Action Center) will solve these problems in just one sitting.DSC_0001The P.A.C. includes:

  • A Desktop File Box to match any decor
  • A Tickler File that includes tabs for 1-31 and January – December
  • Pre-printed tabs for your Action Files
  • 10 Hanging Colorful Files

DSC_0007PLUS An Aim 4 Order flash drive that contains:

  • Instruction Sheet for P.A.C.
  • Reminder Form template
  • 45 minute recording by Cindy on “Paper Pile Prevention”
  • Guidelines for Paper Retention (What to keep and what to toss)
  • “Organizing the Hot Spots in Your Home and Your Life” E-book

DSC_0003The Aim 4 Order P.A.C. is a $147 value. Purchase the complete set for just $127 today. To order, call 410-484-8328 or email

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