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Space savers

It doesn’t matter how much space is in your home, it never seems like enough. Never fear, there are some ways to reduce clutter and create more space.

Of course, the best way to make more space is to reduce the amount of belongings you have. If you feel like you have things you just can’t part with, there are some solutions.


Cascading hangers are a good way to fit more in a closet. These are hangers that hold more than one clothing item.

Hooks on your closet walls can handle some bulky clothes that take up a lot of space on hangers. Coats or ponchos will fit nicely on them.

Packing up your off season clothing will add space in the closet, but will take up space somewhere else in your home. Make sure you properly label the off season clothes so you can easily find them again.

An over the door shoe rack will get the shoes off the floor and out of the way until you need them. People often use these shoe racks to hold other things like toys, crafting supplies or other small things.

Towel rods with shower curtain rings can be used to hang scarves, jewelry, belts and more.


Hang a tension rod under the sink to hold spray bottles and you’ll have more room for cosmetics or cleaning supplies. A tension rod can also save space under the kitchen sink.

Shelves inside the shower or a shower caddy will eliminate the clutter of shampoo bottles, razors, shaving cream, soap and other bathing supplies that don’t fit in the corners of the tub. You’ll be able to move around the shower without worrying about knocking things over.

Living Room

Furniture with secret compartments like coffee tables and ottomans can add beauty to the room while it hides something you don’t need every day. Keep unread magazines, candles or other things that are sitting around collecting dust inside something that no one knows has a hiding place.

If you don’t have enough room for all of your belongings, it’s best to purge what you don’t need. For the necessities though, you can maximize the space you do have with these tips. Please contact me if you feel like the clutter is overwhelming and you don’t know what to do.

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