pots and pans are ideal for attic storage

Making the most of your attic storage space

Attics are a tricky storage zone because they are not the best place to keep a lot of items. But if you know what works well in the attic, you can make the most of the space you have available.

Not recommended:

The temperatures can get very high in your attic storage area and electronics will surely be damaged by the time you want to use them again.

Musical instruments are fragile and need the utmost care. Wooden instruments like guitars and violins can become warped. They should be stored in a place where the temperature is fairly constant.

Old photos
Old photos are fragile in even the best environments. Exposing them to heat or light can damage the paper.

Clothing made of expensive fabrics
Not only can the heat damage these, but moths can be an issue as well. Make sure the clothing is clean and then put into a fairly airtight container. If you have an attic moth problem, traps using pheromones are a safe and effective way to get rid of them without using harmful chemicals.

Leather goods
Leather furniture or clothing can become cracked after being in your attic.

Paint or other flammable items
Again, the heat can ruin these items or even cause a fire. Paint can also dry out from the high temperatures.

Artwork and art supplies
Artwork can become warped or otherwise damaged. Art supplies can dry out, crayons can melt.

Fire extinguisher
Temperatures over 120° F can seriously reduce the effectiveness of a fire extinguisher. And they should be kept someplace where they are handy if needed.

Wooden furniture
Like wooden musical instruments, wooden furniture can warp and lose its appeal.

Candles can melt and become misshapen.

Important documents
Your documents should be in a file folder in a location that is easily accessible. If you keep papers in a safe, it would be quite a project to get a heavy safe up into the attic.

Cosmetics or medication
These too could become dried out and damaged. Cosmetics and medications do best in rooms where the temperature is consistent and away from bright sunlight. If you think you won’t need them for a long time, it’s better to simply toss them rather than store them only to find out they are no longer usable.

The pages of books can become discolored and the covers will become warped.

Batteries will lose some of their charge if they are keep in a place that is too hot. Duracell recommends a place that is dry and room temperature.

Things you can store in the attic:

Pots and pans
Cookware will do fine in an attic because it is made to withstand high temperatures when in use.

Travel items
Luggage that is not made of leather can be stored in the attic without consequences. If you travel often, make sure to put the luggage in an area that is easy to reach in the attic and where you don’t have to move things to get to it.

Sports Equipment
Some sports equipment will do fine in the attic. If it’s a wooden baseball bat, it can have the same issues as other wooden items. It really depends up what type of equipment you are storing.

Ceramics, glass, metal
These are made to work in heat, so they do fine in a hot environment. Be sure to pack any glass carefully so it doesn’t get broken as you are moving it.

Your attic can be a useful storage area if you pick things that won’t get damaged by the heat and dryness. If you need help organizing your attic storage or any other part of your home, please contact me. I’m available for virtual appointments.

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