Repurposing things from around your home can actually reduce clutter

Repurposing things around the house to become useful again

Instead of buying new things, reusing or repurposing items around your home can make something new. It can be fun to find new ways to use what you already have. And, you won’t be adding to your clutter.

People have gone way outside the box and created things like turning old TVs into terrariums or putting ladders mounted on the wall to become bookshelves. Old gadgets can become lamps and other creative ideas. We’re thinking about more practical things.

Pretty much everyone saves Mason jars and plastic containers. They can be reused for their original purpose or for leftovers, storing screws and nails or other small items. People often save way too many of these things and it’s nice to give them other jobs to keep them busy.

Repurposing an empty jar to be used for collecting used grease comes in handy. Save it until the jar is full and then toss the whole jar. It’s not a good idea to put grease down the sink and it’s tough to throw away liquids. Using the jar makes it easier.

Looking for something boho chic? Turn jars into votive candle holders. Paint a jar (or not) and make a vase for fresh cut flowers.

If you have ever received a basket of fruit, you probably saved that basket. Repurposing woven baskets or heavy-duty cardboard baskets can be useful in a lot of different ways.

In the bedroom closet they can hold rolled-up belts, scarves, purses or other accessories. They can become an in basket or store office supplies in your home office. Kids’ bedrooms have all sorts of little items – baskets hold Legos, Hot Wheels, Barbie accessories or other small toys to keep them off the floor.

Cardboard baskets can be covered in contact paper to make them match. Spray paint wicker baskets to match the room.

If you saved baskets you probably also save vases when you get flowers. They too have other uses. A vase can be a decorative way to store large spoons, spatulas and other kitchen gadgets. In your home office, a small vase can become your new pencil holder.

How many give-away plastic cups with logos on them do you have? Plastic cups also work as pencil holders. You might want to simply toss some of them, but they can be used in places where you don’t want to use an actual glass, like when you are drinking something outside or a glass of water on your kid’s nightstand. Other uses for plastic cups are starting plants, make-up brushes or holding nuts and bolts.

Empty tissue boxes are ideal for holding plastic bags that you will repurpose as small trash bags or to pick up after your dog. We tend to save a lot of plastic grocery bags. You can throw some away if you have too many or drop them off at your local grocery store for recycling.

Do you knit or crochet? A fun project is to cut up grocery bags to make into plastic yarn and make tote bags out of them. People have also used old cassette tape or video tape the same way, but plastic bags are stretchy and more flexible making them easier to knit.

Koozies that are giveaway items at lots of events are another thing that can pile up around the house. They have other uses too. One of the best ideas is to use a koozie to keep your shaving cream from leaving a rust mark on the tub or bathroom sink. Avoid using tape when you store a rolled up a poster by putting a koozie on each end.

Koozies can also be used to store glass items like Christmas balls. Egg cartons also work great for storing smaller ornaments.

Think about all of the things you have sitting around your house that could be working for you in new and creative ways. You can do some organizing and repurposing without buying any new containers. If you need help getting organized, contact me to set up a time to talk about it.

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