Love and thanks, Cindy. The love is for your labor that benefits so many and your kindness coupled with understanding makes others feel that they have known you for a lifetime.


Cindy and her husband, Howard, helped my sisters and me resolve my mom's house after her death last October. Cindy's confidence and assuredness in encouraging us to let her and her team do the work that we could not fathom doing ourselves was gratefully received. My sisters and I received the final reconciliation documents from Cindy today. I read all of the reports. I kept hearing myself say, "wow, wow, WOW!" The wow's were all about Cindy's thorough organization. The clarity and meticulousness of her reporting. The extent of her service. The astonishing and highly unexpected results she achieved from selling our mom's stuff. Perhaps, what I appreciate the most about what she and Howard did was that they lifted this off of our shoulders. Working in the background, and easing our minds. I think my sisters would agree with me...we could not have done this without you. Frankly, I think Cindy's level of professionalism is a rare find. Worthy of an online rave, to say the least. Bravo and a hearty thanks to Cindy and her team!!!

RosiePikesville Estate

Working with Cindy and her team could not have been more seamless. She came in during a very emotional time for our family, and provided such comfort and expertise in managing everything from cleaning out my mother's home, selling the contents, donating what couldn't be sold, recycling what couldn't be given away, and then finally discarding whatever was left. She took the time to ensure that the best price was received for sellable items, something that neither my sisters nor I could have ever managed. She made what is typically a very overwhelming and challenging process easy and doable. She even packaged and sent items to family members throughout the country. No task was too large. In addition, she worked with our accountant to provide the specific breakdown and receipts for all sales and donations. We truly couldn't have done all this without her. If you chose to work with Cindy, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

SuzyPikesville Estate

Thank you so much for all the follow up accounting and the check! It was great working with you and we’re very impressed with what you were able to sell and the proceeds.  Thanks again for making everything easy !


It really was a pleasure meeting and working with you, Cindy and Howard. You both truly made the move so smooth and stress free as it could be. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for all your help. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your calm demeanor and your thoroughness was such a blessing. Thanks again.


Thank you so much for everything you did to make our move smooth and timely. You are an amazing team. You guys absolutely helped me maintain my sanity before, during and after the move. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Cindy is a GREAT organizer! She really helped me with my home office as well as our storage area in the basement. It's so hard to let go of things but Cindy has a way of helping you look at items and figure out the best use or place for it. It feels SO GOOD to be free of all that stuff we never used. No sense in storing it if someone else could use it or enjoy it! Thanks Cindy! AND, Howard, thank you for selling some of my childhood toys, etc. and putting a little extra cash in my pocket. The two of you are a great team!

BethPikesville, Maryland

I hired Cindy to help me! She motivate and energized me to tackle this enormous job! 35 yrs of storage. Cindy has a positive attitude, encouraging all the way! A true joy to work with. After days of hard work, we did it! Cindy donated many items and returned with receipt for my tax purposes. Also hauled away trash. Our next job is the garage! My basement is now empty, with the exception of one small storage room. A wonderful experience, from a job I dreaded even thinking about! Thank you, Cindy!

DeeCatonsville, Maryland

Cindy Bernstein and Aim 4 Order was a god-send. Our basement, half finished and half un-finished, has been neglected for years filled with more junk, trash, and clutter than we could even bear to look at. It was time to get it in order so we could again use it as a rec room and work area. It was a bit daunting and we really had no idea where to begin. It seemed overwhelming!

Cindy came in and made the entire project doable and worth our while. She had us do it in small steps with her. She had us classify items as keep, donate, or trash. The items to trash or donate she took with her so they no longer sat around waiting for us to get the "energy" to do so ourselves. Some items she arranged to have sold on eBay. Others she took to a store which sold them for non-profit organizations. She had a list of professionals we could consult to take things to the dump when we had large collections. Cindy understood our reluctance to part with many items that we had collected over the years and were hanging on to for no good reason. She scheduled our work for 2-hour sessions due to our physical limitations and was very considerate of our concerns. She did much of the work herself, lifting, packaging, removing, and then reorganizing what we kept into manageable and useful storage.

I had not looked forward to tackling the basement but Cindy made it all so effortless and we saw instant results as she removed decades worth of items no longer useful or used. She was patient and kind about our reluctance to part with 'things' and let us come to our own decisions giving us time to think about what goes and what stayed. She was respectful of our belongings and helpful in suggesting how to downsize our decades worth of accumulations. What we got was a basement that breathed again, freeing up most of the space and making it much more useful again. I highly recommend "Aim 4 Order" and will definitely use this wonderful service again when it comes time to move. Cindy Bernstein is an excellent organizer!

PatriciaColumbia, Maryland

Cindy from Aim 4 Order did such an incredible job! I was so impressed by Cindy and highly recommend her for any job you have--whether you want to clear out your garage or basement, organize your kitchen, downsize to a smaller place, Cindy will help you get the job done! From our online interactions, to scheduling the appointment, to the work itself--Cindy was such a hardworking professional!

When Cindy arrived she got right to work. I wanted to organize my basement and go through the many boxes that had been there for years and figure out what to keep, donate or toss. Cindy didn't hesitate and opened a box and asked me about the first item she pulled from the box. She allowed me the time I needed to decide what to do with each item and for things I wasn't sure about we kept a separate pile. Cindy was kind and patient as we worked through the many boxes.

She also has a great sense of humor and fantastic ideas on how to organize the items that I planned to keep. It was just the jump start I needed to tackle this project that had been weighing on me for years! We got so much done during our 3.5 hours of working together--many bags of trash, 11 bags of donation items and piles of papers to shred.

And a great bonus is that Cindy hauls the donations away to drop off and sends you the receipt! She also left a clear roadmap on how I could continue the project on my own, and has even checks in to see how things are going. If you have a project--large or small--that you've been wanting to do for a while, I say don't hesitate! Hire Cindy! I've already referred her services to several friends. I look forward to hiring Cindy in the future for other projects.

AlishaBaltimore, Maryland

I am so incredibly grateful for Cindy Bernstein and her “Aim 4 Order” business. At 1 o’clock I had a 1 foot walkway in my garage. By 5 o’clock, I had 24 years worth of clutter taken away. I feel like dancing in my new open space!

JillPikesville, Maryland

You ladies are a life saver. I can't thank you enough. I honestly feel like you ladies went above and beyond in helping me get settled. I have to admit that I was a little embarrassed initially because of how disorganized and messy my house was even after working so late at night to get it ready. After hearing about some of the other homes you organize, I didn't feel so bad!

MikeBel Air, Maryland

As you have helped me organize/declutter for a few years now, I look back and see how I am learning as we do things I thought I could not do. Your talent to do what you do is exceptional. You have the skill to show me how to learn what you do, when you are doing it for me. It’s like a well thought out lesson plan. So, the stuff I couldn’t deal with is getting done with joy and ease, and I am observing and being active at the same time. This is how my learning is taking place.

Because I was cluttered and not organized for my life prior to these past few years, I still have a lot to learn, and I still need your help, by showing me, with my things, in my own space, that the miracle happens. My life is getting easier by seeing there is a solution to any of the problems I encounter.

The shelves we went through, book by book, garment by garment, is a joy for me to use now. What needed to go, went, and what stayed is orderly, and fun to look and so simple to use. It is a purposeful space now and every bit of it usable.

MimiCatonsville, Maryland

It was a very busy time when we moved and if I overlooked saying so, I want you to know that we could not have done the move, or all the organizing and streamlining over the years, without you, for both my office and our homes. You brought clarity, a cheerful energy and a guiding purpose to projects that seemed at the start impossibly complex and daunting.   I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with all the decisions you made for us, not to mention the physical labor of packing things up, selling un-needed items and most recently, solving the logistical rubik's cube of the two long distance household moves. Best to you and your family and I hope our paths cross again one day!

Robin(formerly) Baltimore, Maryland

I was looking for an Organizer and called several companies. Cindy, from Aim4order called me back within an hour. She then proceeded to help me clean out my attic and basement, and several other areas, and was amazing. She is incredibly nice and easy to work with. She managed to haul away the trash, donate the unwanted things, and sell anything of real value. She took my old video tapes and had them transferred to digital. She helped me set up systems that we’ve managed to keep, several months later. I highly recommend her!

BeckyMt. Washington, Maryland

The kids are really happy with their decluttered rooms and so are we!

AmyPikesville, Maryland

What a pleasure it is to walk into the office !!  It gives me so much peace.  Thank you more than words can say.

BarbaraParkville, Maryland

Thank you so much for all of your help!!!!  I could not have done it without you and Rebecca.  The kindness and sensitivity Aim4Order extended to me will be a lasting comfort.

BarbaraTowson, Maryland

I am so grateful for the work we've done. You are terrific and so easy to work with. I feel we have accomplished so much; this is so cathartic!!

ElizabethColumbia, Maryland

"Cindy and her many amazing talents, does it all. Even when I couldn't get around so much, she still came and helped me get my home in order and she did it all in sweetness and light. She is so easy to work with and up front from the get-go. Could not have made it this far without Cindy. I adore her and look to our next experience!"

ShellyBaltimore, Maryland

"I have been working with Cindy now for six weeks and the difference in the house is amazing! When we started I was overwhelmed with paper. I couldn’t get anything done because the only thing I could think about was how am I ever going to file all this “stuff”? From the first day, we plowed right in and now I can relax when I watch tv or read because that ugly paper monster is under control. The best part is that it doesn’t seem like work. She makes suggestions about things and I weed out, sometimes holding on to certain items. She never criticizes... we just move on and when I have had a chance to think it over, I’m usually ready to donate the rest of what we were talking about."

KatherineParkville, Maryland

"Cindy Bernstein of Aim4Order has changed my life. I am a retired school teacher and a true hoarder. After several years of trying to clear out the clutter in my home, unsuccessfully, I found Cindy's name on the internet. She has a gentle way of getting me to get rid of things that I have held onto for years. She has completely changed my way of thinking. I don't worry about all the money I'm wasting when I get rid of things anymore. I just remember the things that Cindy has taught me like, "more is less" and, " if you don't love it, get rid of it." I am now able to help some of my less organized friends by teaching them what Cindy has taught me. SORT,TOSS, or KEEP."

LynnRandallstown, Maryland

"I had the pleasure of working with Cindy Bernstein on the organization of our home office. She used creative ideas and designed a system that fulfills our needs. Our office is now well organized and orderly. Cindy's work was systematic and thorough and she was a joy to work with. I highly recommend Aim 4 Order and look forward to working together on future projects."

MargieClarksville, Maryland

"Cindy is a SUPER organizer! She has really helped me and my family to deal effectively with major clutter and disorganization in our home office, bedrooms, storage rooms, and closets. She is very efficient and creative with her ideas for organizing. She is also very sensitive to the difficulties many of  us have unburdening ourselves of items that we know we should get rid of but never quite get around to doing so on our own. She does most of the actual disposal of unwanted items herself, saving us trips to the dump and to Goodwill. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone looking for help with clutter and to organize any space. Her efficiency and friendliness make the job as painless and pleasant as it could ever be!"

KenStevenson, Maryland

"Aim4Order was just what I needed to start and complete a project that I couldn't get done on my own. Cindy's great!"

CarlaRandallstown, Maryland

"Cindy is the real deal!! She blows you away with her positive attitude, unbounding energy, smiles, some tough love and kindness. My husband and I were overloaded! Unpacked boxes from a challenging move, children's toys, sentimental chotzches, papers (my husband's fetish). We are still digging out of our clean, but cluttered home, it is a process.

Cindy has begun to take us through the clutter and therapeutically has begun the process with us of understanding accepting and forgiving ourselves for how we got here. She is sensitive to your pace and is a great listener. She provides obtainable goals and tasks you can do in between appointments, but respects your boundaries and abilities if you can't get them fully accomplished without her push and assistance.

Most helpful, is that she helps to remove your stuff through recycling, shlepping your things in her car to donation places, providing contacts for selling or consigning when appropriate.

She also has a plethora of contacts for tasks needed be done in the home.

I am looking forward to organizing the important things that are left. Cindy has already mapped much of this out from Day 1 which was so key for me. I began visualizing the end in sight and a system in place for optimum life management for lack of better words.

Cindy is gold!!"

HilaryOwings Mills, Maryland

All good things have happened to us since we engaged Cindy. In the first place, she is an excellent organizer. Every minute of her time has been worth it for me. I find that it is most beneficial to have an ongoing relationship with Cindy, where the clutter is quelled before it gets out of hand. Although my habits have started changing for the better since I met Cindy, there are some old habits that die hard! And Cindy's continuing presence has been really helpful to me. The clutter seems to disappear by magic, and as life becomes more organized and clearer, I find myself making more rational and sensible decisions in every aspect of my life. She is the best! If you are suffering from clutter and chaos in your life like I was, do yourself a favor, and seek Cindy's help.

AshvinBaltimore, Maryland

"Speaking to Cindy was the beginning of the healing process of my hoarding condition.  Cindy is a true professional and is non judgmental.She has been  wonderful to work with on my journey to becoming organized."

BarryPikesville, Maryland

"Aim 4 Order's Cindy has been wonderful to work with. She stepped in during the additional chaos of a home renovation without flinching. Thanks to Aim 4 Order, I now see progress, instead of being stuck and overwhelmed!”

KellyCatonsville, Maryland

“My husband is thrilled and has already been able to pop down to his work room to LOCATE actual TOOLS! He especially loved that the tools he regularly uses are on a shelf, visible and ready to go!  AND he loved that his granddad’s tools were altogether in a special location.  I never would have thought to do that. Moreover, the kids are thrilled with their playroom!  I no longer feel overwhelmed and depressed when I go into the basement. You are amazingly great at your job and I learned so much in one day!”

MarySeverna Park, Maryland

"I can't tell you how wonderful I feel! I don't feel burdened or stuck or overwhelmed and I can't thank you enough! I didn't even realize how I dreaded when the mail came, but no more! You've moved me forward, given me back my life! I truly can't thank you enough."

IreneTimonium, Maryland

"I love my closet, and its miraculously still neat!!!!”

LeenFederal Hill, Maryland

"We are very happy with the new system and I've already incorporated it into the daily papers. I definitely feel less stressed and I'm very happy to get our library back.”

RachelLaurel, Maryland

"Thanks Cindy! It made a world of difference for me to have that organization done. It really gave me the jump start that I needed  and put me in a great frame of mind for understanding how to be better organized.”

AliBolton Hill, Maryland

“After finding myself perpetually searching for important papers and seeing mail piled on top of books which were piled up on magazines which were up on my kitchen counter everyday, I finally broke down and agreed to have Cindy come in and show me the way. It was the best thing I could have done. Cindy tackled my cluttered drawers by systematically sorting the myriad of items strewn about and created a system for me to manage the constant barrage of incoming mail and papers. The system works and everyday I walk into my home refreshed that I do not have to see the mounds of stuff.  In addition to having an efficient system of managing papers, Cindy is also responsible for me re-claiming a long lost piece of jewelry and some coins that I had forgotten even existed. How fun it is to discover what lies below the clutter.”

JillPikesville, Maryland

“It is now 19 months since our first meeting.   I no longer have the debt I had and in fact, have an organized system with a budget; I no longer have the junk lying around my house, and most importantly, I no longer have the stress in my life that being disorganized causes.”

SuzanneVirtual Client in South Carolina

“Yes, I was excited after our session today.  I told my husband I’d like to meet with you every 3 weeks forever….”

JoanTowson, Maryland

“I am grateful you are helping my mother. She said that meeting you was one of the best things that ever happened to her.”

AdrienneMom in Pikesville, Maryland

“My mother was a closet pack-rat; her home always looks clean and uncluttered, until you opened a closet. She could have supplied a city with the extra products (paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, canned goods, kitchen supplies and so so many clothes!). Cindy was very sensitive to Mom’s feelings and was able to get her to part with things that I could not. I lost track of how many trips Cindy made to Goodwill for us but remember that all donations were well documented for tax purposes. Since my brother and I live in California, we did not hesitate to again call Cindy for help when Mom was ready to move to assisted living. Not only did Cindy help us downsize again, she also managed the move, lining up the mover as well as someone to purchase excess furniture, jewelry, etc. I don’t know what we would have done without the help of Aim 4 Order."

LynnMom in Parkville, Maryland

“I have used bunches of your ideas and I can see more floor than I have seen in a long time.”

NedWestminster, Maryland

“I LOVE my office. It’s tidy as hell and I can find everything. Thank you so much.  I never thought it could be this good.”

BrianAnnapolis, Maryland

“I can’t tell you how very helpful you were…I couldn’t have done it without you. You are not only amazing at getting the job done, but you truly made the process fun, too.”

SharonRuxton, Maryland

“You seem to have just the right touch for the job–part therapist, part friend, not too pushy or too soft, so essentially pleasant….”

JanePikesville, Maryland