Time wasters can wreck your day

Time wasters and how to make the most of your day

It is always easy to procrastinate. By busying yourself with things that are not a priority, you can’t get things done that you need to do. These time wasters do nothing to help you, but you can easily get sucked into them. Time management is an important part of being organized and there are some easy ways to regain the time you are missing.


Limiting screen time can help you get back some of your day. Using mobile devices has been a big time suck for some during the pandemic. Look at your cell phone or tablet and check your screen time. You may be surprised at how long you spend using your devices.


Visiting social media sites is a nice way to keep in touch with people and see what they are doing. But, spending too much time there can keep you from accomplishing more important tasks. The same goes for video games. 


Don’t deprive yourself completely. These little pleasures can make you feel more connected with the rest of the world, especially now when people are not getting together.


There is no reason to constantly check emails unless you are waiting for an important message. Otherwise, checking your email a couple times a day (or less) can add to your productivity. 


Don’t make the mistake of confusing being busy with doing something constructive. You can busy yourself in any number of ways without actually moving toward your goals.


Avoid spending time with toxic people. They can get inside your head and you will end up spending a lot of time thinking and worrying about them. Your time can be better spent engaging in something more positive.


Doing things at the wrong time, like during rush hour for example, can make a small trip turn into a major event. Try to schedule appointments during times when the traffic is not a factor.


Put things away after you use them in their proper spots and you will know exactly where they are when you need them next time. You won’t waste time looking for objects when they are stored where they belong.


Deal with paper as it comes into your home. Don’t build paper piles, instead put papers away, recycle or shred them as soon as they arrive.


Do things that make you feel good about yourself (going for a walk, exercising, cooking healthy foods) instead of doing things that make you feel badly about yourself (watching tv, playing on internet).


Do your best to avoid multitasking. Complete tasks one at a time before moving on to the next thing.


Keep an eye on the clock. Create a schedule for tasks you need to accomplish and stick to it. Remember to give yourself a little down time because recharging your batteries can make you more effective in the long run.


You don’t have to give up all of the things you enjoy. Instead, limit the time you spend doing them. Allow yourself the time to watch tv or goof off as a reward for a job well done. If you need help with time management, please contact me

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