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Help for Email Inbox Overwhelm

October 2020

Help for Email Inbox Overwhelm, eliminate instead of organize

“Checked email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Ready to start my day.

Oh look; it’s lunch time.”

Sound familiar? Digital distraction and disorganization take up a lot of time. This month we’ll look at how to tame the ’email tiger.’

Managing Your Email Volume and Inbox

Help for Email Inbox Overwhelm, how to get rid of unwanted email

Emails now fall into the category of paper when it comes to overwhelm and volume. Just like your paper seems to multiply in your sleep, emails really DO multiply in your sleep. It’s a never ending battle for most people.
Back in the day, I used to maintain a pretty clean inbox…only the action emails stayed in my inbox and the rest went into files or the trash bin. Those days are long gone. I have emails dating back a few years because there are things I think I will need to remember or reference and don’t want to lose track. But guess what? I never even think about these emails unless I’m doing a random clean-out of my emails. Bottom line – I can live without old emails OR I can save them in an inbox folder.
Here are a few suggestions for how to lower the volume of emails. If you try one of these, you’ll be ahead of where you are now. Even 1 minute a day spent decluttering your emails will yield great results – that’s a guarantee!
Here goes:
  1. Unsubscribe to one place a day. If you’re feeling really motivated, try two a day.
  2. Sort your emails by the sender (if you don’t know how to do this, google ‘how to sort my emails by sender’). When you see ALL the emails from the same source, it might be easier to delete A LOT of them.
  3. Set up email folders and drag resource/reference emails over to the folders instead of having them in your inbox.
  4. Instead of using your email as a “Task List” consider using another Task Management System or old fashioned “To Do’ list instead.

Believe it or not, this is enough to make a dramatic difference in your inbox. We can visit this topic in future newsletters, but again, if you do one of these things today, you’ll see a difference and you can proudly pat yourself on the back!

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