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Tips & Tricks: Sweet 16

August 2020: Sweet 16sweet 16 how aim 4 order got started“If you want happiness for an hour – take a nap. If you want happiness for a day – go fishing. If you want happiness for a year – inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime – help someone else .”
  — Chinese Proverb

Aim 4 Order was launched 16 years ago when I met Ellen Newman, the wife of my husband’s cousin. She told me she was a “Professional Organizer” and I remember asking her “What’s that?” From the moment she started explaining what she did, I was hooked! She graciously let me tag along on some jobs, told me about the National Association of Productivity and Professional Organizing Professionals and the rest, as they say, is history! There is truly no greater high than helping someone else – thank you for granting me the privilege of helping you or someone you know.

Sweet 16 Tips and Tricks to Celebrate!

sweet 16 time to learn
There are so many, many nuggets of information out there. In honor of each year in business, here’s my Current Top 16 List to help you lighten your load.
  1. In recognition of the national shortage of coins, TURN IN YOUR PENNIES, NICKELS, DIMES and QUARTERS to a grocery store near you. They are so happy to get the coins that they won’t even take a percentage out! Laundromats are especially in need of quarters. It’s become a serious issue.
  2. Take a look at the things you’ve inherited from your family members who have passed. See if you can find the top 5 treasures and consider letting go of the rest, especially if they’re sitting in old dusty cardboard boxes.
  3. Consider finding 10 photos that represent you and your life and package them for each special person in your life. That’s way more manageable than leaving boxes and crates and carousels of slides, photos and movies in un-viewable formats.
  4. There are places accepting donations again. Purple Heart, Vietnam Veterans of America, Goodwill and Savers, to name a few. Get a bag ready today!
  5. BOOKS are dust collectors and taxing to donate all at once. Consider gathering 10 books a week and turn them into Maryland Book Bank or donate to Goodwill, Savers or Vietnam Veterans (Purple Heart doesn’t pick up books at the door).
  6. Broken jewelry does not benefit anyone sitting in a drawer. Consider selling it to a jeweler so you can get money for the gold and silver! (Or contact Howard).
  7. If your children are no longer interested in certain toys, let them go. Don’t keep old toys that no one will play with – let another family enjoy the toys as much as you did.
  8. If you have any possession(s) that cause you sadness, let them go. No need to reopen old wounds. Surround yourself with happy things.
  9. We all have ‘lounge around the house clothes.’ If you haven’t worn some of your schleppy clothes since March, let them go. You’ve had MORE than ample time to wear them!
  10. If you have socks that you’ve wanted to either match up OR repair, say goodbye. Treat yourself to a new pack of socks – think of the time and aggravation you’ll save.
  11. Take a peek at your suitcases – if you haven’t used a suitcase in a few years, let it go. In fact, fill it with donations and donate the whole thing. Suitcases take up A LOT of room.
  12. How many FTD flower vases do you need? See if you can spot the duplicates or sizes that aren’t relevant and let them go.
  13. MUGS. Do you really need to keep every mug you’ve ever gotten? Most people have their favorite mugs and the rest collect dust…sometimes they’re pushed so far back or are up so high, you don’t even see them anymore. Think about donating those, too.
  14. SHORTS and BATHING SUITS – check the elastic and see if they’re shot OR admit that you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing either. Think about tossing or donating.
  15. EXPIRED FOOD – it happens to the best of us….food gets shoved back into the recesses of pantries and cabinets and before we know it, that jello from 2012 or that can of condensed milk for that special recipe you tried in 1998 has long passed its expiration date. Check the dates and toss the old stuff.
  16. Start with the easy stuff first… wrapping paper, bags, boxes, address labels, hangers are sometimes easier to start with. If these are not easy for you, then try getting rid of blurry and duplicate photos. Bottom line is to just start on something.
Hope this Sweet 16 list sparks you into action, but if it causes you to feel anxious, then take a deep breath and think about getting some help when you’re ready.
Stay safe, be well and take good care! Virtual hugs to all.

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