How do you know when “busy” is TOO BUSY?

July 2023

Sometimes, ‘busy’ is shorthand for something else, in the same way that ‘tired’ can mean anything from physically exhausted to extremely depressed.”

— Adam J. Kurtz

Read ahead to learn more about the nuances of busy!

This is probably the first time in almost a decade that I forgot to send the JUNE issue of “Tips & Tricks.” It’s a wake up call to myself that perhaps I’m a little too busy these days. The silver lining is that I’m not the only one who feels too busy, so why not share a little spontaneously made-up quiz on how to know if you are too busy:

Here goes:

If you answer yes to 4 or more questions, you are probably too busy:

  1. Have you forgotten to pay a bill on time?
  2. Are you available to help others in a pinch?
  3. Did you miss an important task that you normally remember?
  4. Are you sleeping soundly at night?
  5. Are you happy when you’re this busy?
  6. Have others noticed that you look exhausted?
  7. Do you regret the time you’ve spent doing something you probably didn’t have time to do?
  8. Have you stopped doing leisure activities like knitting or reading?
  9. Have special people in your life been neglected?
  10. Are you eating healthy/have the foods you need readily available?

After taking the quiz, if you have pronounced yourself as too busy, please keep this in mind:

According to Bryant, “staying busy can make you feel better, especially if it results in productivity.” “Being productive releases endorphins known as “happy” hormones, and this experience can leave you feeling empowered and confident while creating positive momentum,” Bryant explains. Sep 20, 2022

This explains why I thrive when I’m busy! I did answer 3 questions “yes” so I changed the scoring to 4 or more – and who am I fooling??

But here’s the clincher – when we are TOO busy, our lives go from happy, happy, to hectic and stressful: The key is figuring out when happy-busy becomes too hectic-busy!

How can you evaluate and correct so that your level of busy keeps you in the happy zone?

Here are my suggestions:

  1. Make sure you take time to eat healthy – have the right food in the house and carve out time to prepare it so it’s ready. I’m a big fan of bulk cooking.
  2. Write down your schedule the night before. If it looks like too much to do, then it likely is too much to do. Prioritize into MUST DO and IF-THERE’S-TIME-I’LL-DO.
  3. Allow time for breathing, driving, traffic, eating meals and others running late. Stress skyrockets when we are running late!
  4. Evaluate and correct when you have a hectic, stressful day. What can you do differently next time?
  5. Ask a trusted, objective person how you can tweak your activities and your life to bring greater peace but still stay active and productive so you can maximize those happy hormones!

Here’s to a perfect kind of busy July — see you in August!!

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