new pet in the household

A new pet doesn’t have to add clutter

You’ve decided to get a new dog or cat and you’re wondering if it will create chaos in your home. Pets can be wonderful additions to your family and won’t create clutter if you stay on top of it.

Puppies do like to chew and kittens like to scratch. Keeping the new pet in line from day one will make a big difference. Adopting an adult animal can help with some of those issues. 

Dogs require a bed, toys, food storage, food and water dishes, leashes, toothbrush, medications, winter coat and more. Just like everything else in your home, pet supplies should have their own place to be put away, except the bed.

Cats need a bed, scratching post and most of the other things a dog will need. Cats are a little less needy than dogs, but also can shed more, depending upon the breed. Daily brushings will eliminate some of the fur.

Food dishes will probably be in or near the kitchen. Using a placemat under the bowls or getting elevated bowls will keep the floor clean. Some animals are tidy eaters and some not so much. Bearded dogs often drip water from their chins. And if you have a dog that slobbers, that’s a whole new dimension of cleanup.

One nice side effect, especially if you have young kids, is that any food dropped on the floor will be eaten by the dog. Just watch out for any foods that might make your pet sick.

Most people keep the pet medications in the same place they keep their human meds. They are clearly marked as veterinary medicine. Flea, tick and heartworm preventative are medications most pets will need along with any medications for illnesses.

Pet fur is inevitable unless you have a hairless cat or a non-shedding dog like a poodle. You will have to keep up with the accumulation or shed fur on furniture as well as your own clothing. A wet rubber glove works well to clean fur off furniture. There are lots of lint removers and other devices made to clean up pet hair. You’ll have to vacuum more often as well.

Toys can be a problem just like when you have small children. Dogs and cats love playing with toys, but rarely put them away. At least once a day, you need to go around collecting the toys and putting them in a bin or basket. But never fear, they’ll be back all over the place the next day.

Hang a hook on the wall near the door to hold your leash will make it convenient to grab and go for a walk with your dog. Don’t forget bags for cleanup!

Of course, having a new pet in the house will take a little getting used to before they fit perfectly into the family. They’re almost always worth the trouble, especially when you stay on top of the clutter.

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