Hiding cords and cables

We live in an age of power cords. There are wires from the tv and its accompanying attachments. Cell phone, tablet and laptop chargers, along with the desktop computer all have cords. With all of the cords, how can you keep them out of site and not have a trip hazard in your home? Hiding cords will help your home look more organized.

The problem

Sometimes there are just not enough outlets for all of our cords. There is a need to use power strips and then there are six times the number of cords.

There can be plenty of outlets, but they are not always in the right location. Or at least, they are not in a convenient place. We now need extension cords to add to the problem.

Wires end up in an unsightly tangle that can’t be hidden or disguised.

Cable trunking

When you look hard enough, you can find a product for everything. Cable trunking is when you have a cover that hides the cords climbing down your wall and is pleasant visually. There are several types and colors of cable trunking that will hide the cords coming from your tv.

Desktop cable clips

These inexpensive little clips fit on the side of your desk or the top. They can hold several cables and keep them tangle free. They have adhesive on them so they will stick right to the surface of your desk. Even if the cords are visible, they are organized and look nice. 

A very inexpensive, but not as pretty way to do this is with cable ties. Bind the cords with cable ties to keep them all together. Cut the excess pieces off once you pull the cable ties tightly.

Power strip cover

There are power strip covers that will hide your power strip and all of its cords. The cords all go in one end and come out the other, but the power strip itself is hidden.

Create a charging station

When you have a charging station for your mobile devices, you will be able to corral your cables in one location and use the cable trunking covers or the desktop clips to organize all of the cords. You will have all of your charging devices in one spot.

Charging drawer

There are some pieces of office equipment that are fitted with a charging drawer. You can charge your devices inside the drawer where no one will see the device or the charging cables. Cabinets and desks can be found with charging drawers. If you are not in the market for a new desk, however, simply use one of the other methods for hiding cords.

The truth is that everyone depends on devices that need to be charged. Just about everyone watches tv with cords hanging down. As technology changes, you need to change along with it. If you need help with hiding cords and wires or any type of organizing, please contact me for more information.

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