best left out of sight

Things best left out of sight

We all have lots of belongings and, hopefully, a place to put everything away. Unfortunately, there are things that are unattractive when left out in the open. These items are best left out of sight.

Power cords

With all of the electronics we have, there are charging cables and cords in just about every room. Tucking these wires into organizers that attach to the side of desks or tables will really make things look tidier. There are all sorts of devices that can hide cords and work in any situation.

The fancier the tv is, the more stuff seems to be hanging off the back of it. Devices like Apple TV or Roku, sound bar, cable box and DVD wires can be unsightly. Simply keeping those wires hidden will make your living room, family room or bedroom more organized.

Extra toilet paper

Powder rooms are often tiny with no space for a cabinet. There are toilet paper cozies that can disguise your extra roll. Also available are some very slim cabinets that just fit toilet papers rolls in them or stand-alone toilet paper dispensers that have hidden space for extra rolls. Cabinets that fit above the toilet work well.

Dirty clothes

A hamper in the bedroom is the best way to keep dirty clothes hidden from any guests you might have staying at your house. An open laundry basket is functional, but doesn’t hide the clothes from someone who might have to walk through the room like a repair person or the cable man. Having a place to put dirty clothes will keep your bedroom more organized.

Rarely used appliances

The more clear your countertops, the more space you have when preparing meals. Having a place to put away your ice cream maker, blender, slow cooker, bread machine or other seldom used appliances will make your kitchen more organized too.

The only appliances that should be left out, are the ones used daily. Those might include a toaster and a coffee maker.

Food on counters

Just like appliances, food should have a place to be put away. The exception is a bowl of fruit or candy dish you might have sitting out somewhere. Canisters hide your flour and sugar, but need to be put somewhere and often end up using valuable counter space. If possible, put them in a cabinet or pantry to keep counters clear.

Cleaning products

It’s great to have cleaning products at the ready for any spills that might happen, but they should have a home under the sink or elsewhere that is out of site. You can keep an emergency cleaning kit in a plastic bin or bucket with a handle to carry wherever spills occur. That way you can work on getting a stain out of the carpet or furniture right away without having to look for the right product.

Some things are best left out of sight. The less your belongings are out on countertops and other surfaces, the more organized your home will be. Take some time to look around your home objectively and notice what others might see. If you are feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, I can help. Contact me to set up an appointment.

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