how do you know if it's clutter

How do you know if it’s clutter?

You want to get rid of the clutter in your home, but how do you know if it’s clutter or something else? When you see objects around your home on a daily basis, they just become part of the landscape. After a while, you don’t even notice the clutter. Here are some questions to ask yourself that will help you.

Do you use it?

We all have things around the house we never use, maybe you’re not even sure where it’s stored. That’s clutter. Things go out of style, your tastes change or maybe you were never a big fan of that item at all. Kids’ toys that haven’t been used in years and you are not keeping them for the next generations (most aren’t worthy), it’s time to say goodbye. If you have an emotional attachment to a particular item, take some photos and then let go.

Do you have multiples of the same item?

Owning duplicates of things like blenders, blow dryers, wine bottle openers, can be a sign of clutter. Sometimes you have different versions of the same thing for different occasions. That’s fine, especially if you use both. Maybe you have a never version of the item and don’t need the older one any longer. When you have multiples of the same thing that only have one purpose, getting rid of one of them will help you declutter.

Would you replace it if was broken or damaged?

If you wouldn’t replace it, you probably didn’t need it in the first place. Or, maybe you once used and needed it, but you don’t any more.

Did you forget you had it?

There’s a meat slicer in the basement. Who knew? If you are going through a closet and discover something you completely forgot you owned, it’s clutter. Don’t keep things that you don’t use or need.

Is it broken?

Do have you a pair of shoes that need repairs? Do you own a sweater that has a stain you can’t figure how to remove? Get it fixed, or get rid of it.

Does it give off bad vibes?

You might have something that triggers a memory that’s not so great. The object could make you have feelings of guilt, sadness or anger. It is counterproductive to hold onto items that make you feel badly. Let it go and feel great about it.

Would I buy this today?

We have all made purchases we regret. Just because you spent money on something, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. If the item is in good working order, donate it or give it away. Someone might appreciate the thing you don’t want or need.

Are you saving it “just in case?”

Those “just in case” items are tricky. You might think that as soon as you trash it or donate it, you’ll have a need for it. That could happen down the road, but it hasn’t happened so far. Get rid of the item with the knowledge you might have to get another one some day. It’s not worth taking up closet space.

Do you have space to store it?

If the answer is no, you either need to make space or get rid of the item. How much do you want or need it? Is it worth getting rid of something else to make room for this thing?

In conclusion, everyone has some clutter at home. We accumulate things over time. Things we don’t need, we simply stop using. There comes a time when the stuff starts to take over and you need to sort through the clutter. If you are overwhelmed by the clutter and need help, please contact me.

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