Organizing belts, scarves and purses

Organizing belts, scarves and purses

It’s spring and time for organizing belts, scarves and purses for the warm weather. The goal is to weed out those items you don’t need any longer. These accessories have to go if they don’t fit, don’t match anything you own or are out of style.

Start by taking everything you are organizing out of the closet. It might make a bit of a mess, but you are going to sort and put things back after some purging.


If you stay the same size for a long time, the spot where you latch the belt can become worn or frayed. Check all your belts for wear or other damage.

Some belts come with a dress or slacks and are made from the fabric of the article of clothing. If you no longer have that item, then you probably don’t have anything that is appropriate for the belt. You can donate it, but it probably won’t match anyone else’s clothes either.

The metal on belt buckles get become discolored from age or other reasons. If you can’t fix it easily by cleaning it, you might want to get rid of that belt too.


Sort the scarves by type. There are scarves to keep you warm in winter and others that make a fashion statement.

Go through all of them with a critical eye looking for damage, stains or other problems. Purge the damaged scarves.

Get rid of any scarves you never wear. Even if it was a gift, don’t feel guilty getting rid of it, especially if you don’t use it.


Do you keep the same purse and use it until it falls apart? Do you have a purse for each season? Each occasion?

Go through all of your purses. Like the other accessories, look for damage and stains. Get rid of anything that is falling apart or damaged.

Put it all away

Wipe down the shelves or drawers before deciding how it will be arranged. You want things to be clean and organized.

Once you have purged the accessories, it’s time to put everything back in the closet. Organize them by size, color, fabric type or other method. Whatever system works for you is fine as long as you stick to it.

Closet hooks work well for hanging belts. Depending on how much space and how many accessories you have, you can hang scarves and purses on hooks as well. 

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If you need help organizing your closets or anything else, please contact me. We can get started on your organizing project as soon as you are ready. 

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