Organize your family trip

Organize your family trip – includes free download

Vacation season is near

Memorial day will soon be here and lots of people go on a family trip for the long weekend. After that comes summer vacations. How will you ever get everyone together, organized and ready to go away?

The family trip – where to begin

Once the decision has been made where you will be going on your trip, it’s time to start organizing. Driving? Flying? Going by train? Hotel reservations? Get a binder and put all of your confirmation paperwork in it, or you can use a folder on your computer to save files or emails.

Do you need to take a pet to a kennel or have a petsitter or housesitter come over while you are gone? If you are going for several days, stopping the newspaper or having someone pick up your mail is a good idea so it is not obvious your home is empty.

Packing time

As you pack for the family trip, you can download our checklist to mark what you need as you pack. You can print out a list for each person in the family going on the trip. Try your best to pack as little as you can, especially if you are flying because there are restrictions on how much you can take.

The kids probably need their own suitcases unless you can squeeze their clothing in yours. They may find it fun to have a suitcase of their own.

There is nothing worse than boredom to a child. A toy or two is a must, especially for car trips. Snacks are another good choice. Food along the highway is generally unhealthy and expensive.

Appropriate footwear can be the difference between a terrible or great vacation. Make sure you pack what you will need.

Take your binder with your confirmations on the road with you.

While you travel

Keep your clothing organized during the trip. Hotels make it convenient to transfer your clothing to the closet or dresser and avoid wrinkles.

Tickets for events, your itinerary and any other paperwork should be handy at all times. You don’t want to miss out on anything because you are disorganized and can’t located important documents or receipts.

Being organized doesn’t prevent you from being spontaneous. You can always alter plans if something unexpected happens or if you discover a place you want to visit that wasn’t originally in the plan.

Home sweet home

Once you get home, unpack right away, get things washed and tidy up as soon as possible. If you leave suitcases sitting around, they are adding to your home’s clutter and you don’t want that.

Do you need a vacation to get over your vacation?

Getting back into a routine can be difficult after you have been out of town. The longer you are away, the harder it is. Start as soon as possible by eating at the regular hour and going to sleep like usual. You will feel back to normal in no time.

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