seasonal closet change

Seasonal clothing switch-off

Seasonal clothing change

Every time it seems like the weather is going to change, it changes back again, but the warm weather is certainly on its way to Baltimore. That means it is time to change your seasonal clothing for the warmer weather.

Make time for the change

Give yourself a few hours to make the clothing changeover. That should be plenty of time to go through your entire wardrobe and weed out what you no longer need.

Always label

Anything that is off season and stored somewhere other than your closet should be labeled so you can find it when the weather gets cold again. A label can save you time and headaches later so you are not digging through boxes trying to find the one with the clothing you want. Only pack away clean clothes.

Space issues

If your closet is packed tightly, it is more difficult to find what you want to wear any time of year. There are some things you can do to condense space. Skirt and slack hangers can be stacked so more clothing uses less area.

Empty wall space in the closet can be used for hooks, towel racks (used for scarves or necklaces) or shelves. Belt hangers are another great investment. If there is room for more in your closet, you will have to transfer less at the end of each season.

Lingerie drawer organizers change a pile of unmentionables into something much more civilized. Find what you want, when you want it without rooting around the drawer.

Vacuum seal bags are popular and smoosh down clothes that take up a lot of space into tightly packed bags that use much less space. Under the bed storage containers are another way to more productively use an area that generally does nothing but collect dust.

As always, when organizing you have a great opportunity for purging. If there are clothes that you haven’t worn all season, don’t fit or are out of style, get rid of them. Have a donation box nearby as you go through each item in your closet.

Clear shoe boxes allow viewing your favorite shoes while keeping them clean and organized. Off season shoes can be tucked away until fall. If the shoe boxes are not clear, label them or take a picture of the footwear and tape it to the front of the box. Then you will know what is inside with just a glance.

Start today

If you can’t do everything at once, divide the job into smaller tasks, but make sure that once you start this project you finish it. Now is the time to make that seasonal clothing change.

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