hope for the disorganized

Hope for the disorganized

We all aspire to be organized people. But realistically, not everyone can get organized. Others have problems staying organized. So what do disorganized people do to stay ahead of the clutter?

Dust collectors

Don’t use it? For someone who has a difficult time with clutter, the less stuff you have, the better off you will be. Recycle, give it away, donate it, sell it or trash it. As long as it’s gone, the method is up to you.

Write it down

Lists are great to keep you on task. A list will help with time management as well as keeping clutter to a minimum. Write down your organizing goals. Make a shopping list. Write out a to do list. Make yourself accountable with a list while you check off the items you have completed.

Your interests and hobbies

Every hobby has its own set of gear. If you actively participate in a hobby, it’s fine to keep the associated equipment. But if you no longer have the interest, you may have half-finished projects that will never be completed. You don’t need the supplies or incomplete projects. Eliminate the clutter of the old hobby.

Clean surfaces will make you happy

Put everything away. All of your belongings need to have a place to go. Start a new habit and clean your desk at the end of each day. Clean the kitchen counters every evening. Tables should be cleared as well.

Keep clutter off surfaces in the first place. Subscribe to online publications instead of getting paper versions. Try online bill paying services to avoid stacks of bills. Cancel catalogs, especially from companies where you never purchase anything.

Habits can be good

Most habits can be changed in a matter of a few weeks. Try a 30 day sprint to make a gradual change. According to author J.D. Meier, “A 30 Day Sprint is simply focusing your time, energy, and attention on something a little each day, for 30 days.”

However you attempt to make a change, give it some time. For example: instead of chucking off your shoes as you come through the front door, put them away. Hang your keys on a hook so they are easier to find when you need them. As new tasks become part of your daily habit, they are also easier to do. Your newly formed, good habits are now part of your routine.


We all need a little celebration when things start to change for the better. Try hygge, pronounced “hooga,” a Danish term that translates to “life’s simple pleasures.” Your celebration can be relaxing with a good book and soft music, watching a movie with a calming fire in the fireplace or taking an exhilarating walk around the neighborhood.

Need help?

If you feel overwhelmed and disorganized, Aim 4 Order is here for you. Contact me to set up a time to get together and talk about it.

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