Do good for others while you get organized

The seasons are changing and it’s time to go through the closets and purge some clothing. Just because you don’t want the clothes any more, doesn’t mean they have to be tossed. Here is your chance to do some good while you get the closets organized. This process also works for household goods, non-perishable food, gardening equipment, furniture, building equipment and much more.

Organizations throughout the Baltimore metro area will be thrilled to receive just about anything imaginable that you have sitting around cluttering your home. As you get rid of things you no longer use and are taking up valuable space, someone else will receive a wonderful gift.

Where can you make donations? Many organizations call on a quarterly basis if you donate to them regularly. It is not necessary to find them, they will find you. However, the American VeteransPurple HeartGoodwill and other organizations cannot always take every donation you have. And, they may be picking up donations in your neighborhood when you are ready to donate.

On the site, you can find a helpful page that allows you to type in the item, such as a CRT computer monitor, appliances or anything else you would like to donate, and your zip code. The search will offer locations where you can drop off your donation. Some organizations offer curbside pickup for large objects or mail-in options for small ones. You have the option to search items you would like to recycle here as well.

Another option for donating is Items accepted by these organizations range from wedding gowns to automobiles. You can find a way to donate just about anything that still has some life left in it.

Baltimore County has a downloadable Reuse Directory that is yet another resource available with locations to donate everything from non-perishable food, eyeglasses, sports equipment and more. There is information here about recycling things like old paint, toner and newspaper. You can browse through the directory to get an idea of what types of things you can donate or recycle.

Now that you know of the wide variety of resources available and many places accepting donations, it is time to put your plan into action. As you organize your home, you can do a good deed with your unwanted items and give someone else something they need or can use.

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