Organizing seasonal items

As the days get cooler, it is now time to start organizing your seasonal items and brace yourself for the cold months ahead. Clothing, yard equipment and outdoor furniture need to be moved into their cold weather homes to make way for your winter clothing and equipment.


Visit your closets and check each item to see if it is appropriate for the colder months. The most thorough method for cleaning out closets is to take everything out, clean the floor and any shelves, then decide what you want to store, donate or toss. Repeat the process with your dressers. The keepers get put away in storage containers or moved to the least used area of the closet.

If you have clothes that you move from season to season and never wear, this is a good sign that it is time to let go. Does every belt have a corresponding outfit? You can’t wait for an outfit that may look good with it in the future. The same concept goes for shoes and boots.

Anything you want to keep for next spring and summer, needs to be put away somewhere. When you box clothes to store them, make sure you clearly label everything so you can find it easily next year. If storage space is limited in your home, containers that slide under your bed could be a good solution.

The entryway closet also needs cleaning. Summer sweaters, shawls and lightweight jackets can be moved to make space for the heavier winter coats, scarves, mittens and hats. Set up a box or basket for depositing gloves and other accessories when people come in the front door, so they are not strewn all over the house. They will be right there waiting the next time you want to go back outside.


Your summer yard equipment must be made ready for winter. Remove gas from your lawn mower, oil and clean the rest of your equipment. Put the summer gear in the back of the shed and the winter equipment in the front for easy access.

garden-chairs-3-1244357-639x426Lawn furniture needs to be put away or covered, depending upon how much space you have in your shed or garage. Add longer life and avoid damage to your outdoor furniture and grill by keeping them away from the weather as much as possible.

Check to see if you have supplies ready for winter. Is your shovel in good working order? Do you have salt or other ice melting products on hand? Does your snow blower need a tune up? Are the gutters cleared?

Everything does not have to be done on the same day. You can work on one closet at a time and the shed on separate days. Do things at your own pace. Make small goals that are easier to achieve and you will feel a lot better about the process.

When you have a box of donations ready to give away, look at the last blog for places that can take them. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of switching over your clothing or cleaning out your closets, call Aim 4 Order at (410) 484-8328 or visit to set up a time to talk about it.

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