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Setting up a family organizer

Wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed was in one location? Having.a family organizer where you can see each person’s schedule and other important facts at a glance will lower your stress. You’ll be able to find what you need instantly.

Why set up an organizer?

Your babysitter or in-laws may find this binder handy if they need something while watching the kids. The more you put in it, the more you will discover you need it.

Setting up a binder

An inexpensive 3-ring binder (you probably have something around the house you can use) with tabs for each person will get you started. You can get zipper pockets if you have pens, sticky notes or other supplies you want to keep in the organizer. Assignments or permission slips can also go in a zipper pocket waiting for you to sign or for your child to take to school tomorrow. Each person in the family gets a section in the binder with things that pertain to them.

General info

Put important phone numbers like work phone numbers, doctor’s phone numbers and anything else you might need in the binder. Your plumber, AC guy and other repair people can also go on the phone number list or have their own list in the organizer.


Print out a blank monthly calendar and put everyone’s commitments on there. Dental appointments, after school activities and work schedules can go on the calendar. Add everything on the calendar including regular maintenance tasks you might otherwise forget like oil changes and changing the furnace filter. Click here to view a free monthly calendar you can download and print.


Your binder can have whatever you want in it including lists. Keep a running list of groceries you need and grab the sheet before you head out to the store. When you run out of something you can immediately add it to the list. To do lists can also go in the binder. Chore lists for the kids, your spouse and yourself can go there too.


Menus tend to get shoved in junk drawers or added to paper piles. Eliminate that mess by keeping carry out menus in the binder. You always know where they are if you want to bail on cooking and order a meal instead. 

Give the family organizer binder a try and you’ll see how it will help you keep important information within arm’s reach. Need help getting organized? Contact me and we can talk about how to move forward.

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